Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University.

Ph.D. Columbia University. B.A., B.S. UCLA

C.V. , PhilPeople

Edited Collections

(2018). Routledge. Pragmatic Encroachment in Epistemology (co-edited with Matthew McGrath)

Publications, Chapters, etc.

(2018). Routledge. An externalist decision theory for a pragmatic epistemology.

(2017). Synthese. How to expect a surprising exam (with Anubav Vasudevan)

(2017). Philosophy Compass. Pragmatic Encroachment

(2016). Episteme. In defense of subject-sensitive invariantism

(2015) Proceedings of Logic, Rationality, and Interaction (LORI-V), Springer. Solving the Hi-Lo Puzzle.

(2015). Philosophical Studies. There are surely errors in this paper

(2014). Synthese. The locality and globality of instrumental rationality.