am currently an Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University.  I received my Ph.D. at Columbia University. My C.V. is available here

My primary areas of research are in epistemology and rational choice theory.

My research is currently focused on the development of a pragmatic epistemology that is sensitive to both empirical and normative concerns in decision theory.  On the empirical side, I am primarily concerned with accommodating the phenomenon of preference reversals and the resulting constructive accounts of preference.  On the normative side, I am skeptical of all-things-considered rationality as well as all-or-nothing evaluations of rationality.  My hope is to develop a constructive account of rational deliberation that coincides nicely with a view on which rationality is a graded notion.  Finally, following the pragmatic tradition of Peirce and Ramsey, I am interested in analyzing the norms that govern full belief, partial belief, and other mental states by investigating the role that these states play in deliberation.